What You Will Learn In This Course


How to build your app for success.

Success in the app store is not by luck, but by design. Learn how to build an app for success, right from the get go!

What some of the most successful apps do to gain users without spending money.

What did some of the most successful apps do to gain traction? Learn tips and tricks from their strategies.

25 free and creative ways to market your app.

Marketing doesn’t always have to mean that you spend money to promote your app. There are plenty of ways to promote your app for free.

Getting your existing users to promote your app.

Your best marketing channel is your existing customer. You’ve already paid to acquire them, so learn how to make the best out of them.

Create a viral effect by influencing word of mouth.

In the entire spectrum of marketing, it all boils down to one thing -- word of mouth. How can you influence word of mouth to help you get traction for your mobile app? We look at some great strategies.

Four growth hacks to massively increase downloads for your app.

Not every marketing tactic is common knowledge. Some you gain by speaking to industry stalwarts you’ve made it. I’ve put together 4 such growth hacks for you to boost your downloads.

Subscriber Feedback


Richard Buchner, Albert’s Insomnia

Your email course really helped me get focused on what areas I needed to focus on for Albert's Insomnia to move to the next level. Your course should is a huge benefit to anyone dabbling or diving in headfirst in the app marketing field. I just finished and I am have already promised myself every month I will go over it all again and again to be sure I am getting it done!

Andre Meyer, Picturex

Every week I looked forward to the next email and read it thoroughly as soon as it arrives. Then I discuss the different tips with my team and plan their implementation for the next couple of weeks or months. To us, the most valuable tips were how to tell a story and build a brand, and increase word of mouth by getting existing users to promote our app for free.

Linden Howells, Champ

The content was very interesting and some great ideas and techniques that were put forward, I have put into practice.

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